Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

(photo) Fear can be a big determination of our life. The fear of cancer can make us do some wacky things. We may even be incline to poison ourselves, if we think that increase our chance of survival. However, the best proved strategy is still standard cancer care with a healthy lifestyle. more…

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Thursday, December 27th, 2012

A Lace Front Wig Can Help You Look Like A Model!

Just what carry out Beyonce, Tyra Financial institutions, Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez and also Gwen Stefani have got in common? It is very essential for the wig users to choose your wig which goes extremely well on your skin tone while wearing it. You can see tremendous collections of human hair wig with different hair colors and textures in Christmas human hair wigs sales You must spend more time for buying a trendy wig which boosts your look completely.

No secret has been made of Beyonce’s talent in switch back and forth in various fashion movements-in fact, she got out a piece of music that Clips Colour Rings was divided into two: her `Sasha Fierce’ side has a strongly changed voice from the regular `Beyonce’ the public is accustomed to.

Royal patronage was crucial to the revival of the human hair wigsCitation needed Queen Elizabeth I of England known and wore a red wig, well and carefully wrapped in a “Roman” style while King Louis XIII of France (1601-1643) and King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) pioneer the wig-wearing among men from the 1620s onwards.

But not only has the Tangle Teezer success bought Simon P money, but has also received some impressive celebrity recommendations: “It’s amazing; my three year old daughter won’t let me use anything else on her hair.

Regardless the explanation for precisely why folks (and females throughout particular) put on wigs, there are many of distinct wigs of which variety throughout substance in addition to fit that people should know ahead of these people purchase a hairpiece pertaining to by themselves.

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Thursday, December 20th, 2012

(photo)Our quest to fight cancer makes us experiment all sort of mixture, folk remedies or ancient native tribes medicine which may hold promising results. Let be realistic, a good majority of people use complementary medicine want cancer knock on our door. We just to be inform of what may work and what was tested. One of these remedies which come from South America is Cat’s Claw or Uncaria tomentosa its medical name. more…

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

(photo)Water is an important part of our body, which is normal, since our body is made of about 70% of that molecule. We can go without food for weeks, but not water. We need an adequate intake of fluid to keep our body in balance. Our body can tolerate only a moderate change in fluid balance. Too little or too much fluid, can create an environment that we are not show with our A game and give cancer an open door to take a shot at us. It is an easy task to perform. Our brain and kidney work for us.

How to be in good water balance


Thursday, December 06th, 2012

(photo)With the advance of standard cancer treatments, more and more people survive the first battle with cancer. However this treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an even surgery come with a price tag. We are more inclined to sickness and there is a higher rate of obesity, diabetes, hypertension or osteoporosis than a group of people of the same age. We are more at risk, but cancer research shows us what current evidence, we can look for.

Cancer research

Cancer treatment can affect the health of our bones. Bones not only provide structure that we can move, walk, and run, swim and do our daily routine; they also provide our blood and immune system. Radiation treatment and medications can reduce hormone levels that are important to our bones. They create a higher risk of osteoporosis. But it seems, with a few tips, we can improve our bone health. more…

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

(photo)When we had cancer, we went to the cancer treatment, with cycle of hours sitting at the hospital, plugging in to get chemotherapy and being sick a few days later after each treatment from the side effect. We do have greater risk to get it again. By knowing this, we pretty much have to do the right thing not to get it again. The right thing is to change our old habits which had increased our risk to get cancer in the first place.

What to look for


Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

(photo)We all hear that what we eat is what we are. We know that eating 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables per day fight cancer. But is it enough? Do we need to be vegetarian to fight cancer? Or are we missing something? more…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

(photo)Cancer treatment can be very hard on our body. The feeling of fullness and the change of smell or taste can cause change in our appetite. Since food is the energy and weapon, we need to cope with the standard cancer regime; we need strategy to overcome the challenge of decreased appetite.

Taste and smell that change


Wednesday, November 07th, 2012

(photo)anxious thoughts and apprehensions are injurious to the health of the body.
Chinese proverb.
Burning candle in by both ends, we hear it a lot in our modern society. Performance, be the first and push it to our limit, our environment push us to be at peak performance every day. But to be able to keep up on the long run, we need maintain our body and give us pause to repair damage. more…

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The enemies which rise within the body, hard to be overcome–thy evil passions–should manfully be fought:
he who conquers these is equal to the conquerors of worlds.
Bharavi 6th century AD

Children are running in the street tonight for Halloween. This day bring people together to spoil them a bit with sweet and chocolate. We are decorating our house to scare them a little bit and even dress up to repeal evil spirit and safeguard our home. We prepare pumpkins with freak face for more effect. What we do not know is that pumpkins can also help fight cancer. more…