Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Your body is the battleground. You and cancer are engaged in a fatal battle. You’ve got many fronts so does our bitter foe.
The best strategy is to “know thy enemy.” Our victory depends on how we’re able to outwit our adversary. What are our rival’s strengths and weaknesses? What kinds of ammunition does it employ? How would it attack us?
Cancer is our enemy. What is it? How does it grow and survive? How does it decimate its victim? How does it work?

It start with one

Cancer evolves when a single cell doesn’t faithfully replicate the genetic material. A stimulus prompts a single cell to deviate from replicating the normal genetic material. Environmental factors and genetically determined mechanisms act as stimuli of mutation. Once firmly established, an aberrant cell replicates many times over. As it does so, the replication of the genetic material becomes weirder and weirder until it isn’t recognizable from the original cell.
Normal cells only replicate to replace worn out cells. Cancer cells replicate without the need to pause to verified genetic content which go into faster proliferation cycles. The speed at how it replicates produces cancerous masses. These atypical cells are very adaptive. They don’t die easily ( they do not answer to apoptosis which give there immortality). They signal blood vessels to form a new networks ( call angiogenesis) for their nutrient supply and feed on simple food such as sugar. Consequently, they thrive in even the starkest of environments. Produced an inflammatory environment to hide from the immune system. You can compare cancer to a beast with many heads.

Cancer take it time

As complex as it seems, cancer needs growth hormones to hasten their growth. They need time to grow as much as 20 years before they suck the life out of you. Mostly we only see the last 5 years of its attack. This span of time can give us enough defenses to win the battle.

Bottom line

To win the fight, it is equally important for you to know our own ammunitions. Your body is one miraculous battlefield. We can change the landscape of the battlefield with what we do (exercises daily) and the food we eat. The immune system is armed with cells that kill invaders like microorganisms and cancer cells. By decreasing our body inflammation level, our immune system can concentrate it fire power on specific point like cancer position.

If we want to win that battle, know how to strengthen your defenses and fight cancer at its different fronts. Once we’ve mastered how, our battle with cancer would be an easier thing to do and help the cancer treatment our doctor recommended.

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